"Transport the load instead of towing it". The Transporter was born from this simple idea. If compared to the traditional tractor with trailer, it has several advantages: transporter is more compact and easier to handle, moreover the perfect distribution of the weight on the axles ensures a better traction and stability on steep terrain and more care to the ground also when it is fully loaded.

The range of Caron Transporters includes articulated and steering wheels models from 25 up to 110 HP, loading capacities from 2 up to 7.5 tons.

Thanks to the wide range of gears with speeds from 0.4 up to 50 km/h, these machines are ideal for all-terrain work under any conditions. The unique design of these 4-wheel drive machines features a central joint in the chassis that ensures constant grip. Moreover, the use of low pressure tires minimizes damage to crops and pastures. 

After its first use as traditional tractor for high mountain, the transporter has then soon be adapted to various industrial, agricultural, and even municipal uses as a multipurpose off-road vehicle and high-performance tractor.

All Caron Transporters are equipped with a three-way tipping body and, according to customer's needs,  they can be provided with hydraulic distributors, central and rear power take-offs, rear 3-point linkage, prearrangement for snow ploughs, cranes and other equipments for traditional tractor, such as spraying nozzles, cutters, and self-loaders.

The chassis with universal 4-point attachments permits the fittings of a wide range of equipment with weights of up to 7.5 tons. The equipment can be changed in just a few minutes saving precious time and allowing maximum exploitation of the vehicle for the highest hourly output.

Thanks to the remarkable strength and the high off-road loading capacity, together with the unlimited possibility of equipment's application,  the transporter can be used anywhere for any different purpose