The new hydro-pneumatic independent double wishbone suspensions combine the best off-roads features with an excellent driving on road and allow the transport of any load on every kind of ground.


  • Indipendent double wishbone suspension
  • Suspension range 90 mm
  • Hydropneumatic springing system
  • Electronic roll control
  • Automatic level adjustment according to load changing
  • Suspension lock and height's vehicle control 
  • Central joint in the chassis and constant grip of the four wheels 
  • Final planetary reduction gears
  • Front axle load capacity 5000 kg
  • Rear axle load capacity 6500 kg


  • Better handling
  • Improved traction
  • Greater driving comfort  
  • Higher working speed
  • Remarkable loading capacity
  • Load stabilisation
  • Low centre of gravity
  • Safety on slopes
  • Less tyres wear


Differently from the single arm suspensions, in the CHS system with independent double wishbone suspension each wheel works perpendicular to the ground under every condition. In this way, tyres always work correctly with more efficiency, less wear but with better stability, traction, handling and driving comfort.





A small turning radius thanks to the wide steering angle of over 40°

Spheroidal cast iron axles with final planetary reduction gears

The central joint in the chassis ensures constant grip of the four wheels also on the most uneven surfaces.

4 wheel steering

With the 4-wheel steering version, the transporter reaches an exceptional manoeuvrability level. By changing from Standard Steering Mode to the “Circle” Steering Mode the turning radius significantly reduces. In the “Crab” Steering Mode, the driver can perform special operations or exceed cross-cutting slopes with the possibility to lock the rear steering
at the most proper angle.

All the relevant information shown on the display together with auditable warnings make the system really easy and safe to operate.