Braking system

The research and study during the project stage has led to the development of a braking system that guarantees the safely stop of the vehicle within a reduced space on any kind of ground, even muddy or dusty. 

This is a very important aspect for this kind of vehicles which are built to transport heavy loads in uncomfortable places.

Dual hydraulic circuit braking system with self adjusting brakes, Ø 315 mm, with Servobrake.

Parking spring brake on rear wheels acting with hand lever and hydraulic transmission.

Three-stage electromagnetic brake retarder with controls on the steering wheel.  This retarder allows to safely face long and very steep slopes, without using the braking system.



All  CARON cabs rely on elevated structural resistance and they are approved as roll-over protection system. 

The wide glazing surfaces ensure complete visibility during work.

During the project stage, particular attention was paid to the driving position to reach high comfort for the operator both on road and off-road travels.