Caron has specialized in the production of only one type of product: the transporter.

Thanks to this winning choice Caron has developed its range of products close to the real needs of an increasingly demanding customers


Caron always takes the opportunity to improve, grow, and continuously apply new technologies, in order to meet the changing needs of the market. In this way, the product is always evolving while keeping its basic characteristic in terms of safety and reliability.

Every component of the mechanical structure, in particular axles and gears are produced by Caron and they do not come from vehicles of any other kind.


Safety is one of the subject which Caron pay particular attention to. Transporters work in extreme conditions and they must be designed to ensure the greatest protection to the operators.

This is proved by Global European Approval that specifies strict tests prior to certifying the safety of the vehicle and its production.



The choice of the materials used in the production is essential to provide a reliable product. The special alloys used for the gears and the spheroidal graphite cast iron used for the mechanical structure provide the ideal combination of light weight and strength that marks Caron tractors.


Reliability and know-how, availability and prompt assistance: these are the framework of any business relationship. Caron works closely with its national and international sales dealers, both during purchase and afterwards, to ensure prompt and qualified post-sales assistance.