CARON since 1960

Caron is a company in Vicenza specialized in the production of off-road transport vehicles

Born as a mechanical workshop for the production of special platforms to be applied to mowers and engine driven cultivators, towards the end of the ‘60s Caron evolved through the design of the first off-road transport vehicles. Caron has always concentrated its resources in this particular sector, achieving high levels of experience in the production and delivery of high quality avant-garde products.

Caron has been developing  its range of products close to the real needs of an increasingly demanding customers who need to easily but safely work. The specific axles and gears and any other mechanical structure component in these vehicles are developed by Caron: that means high reliability and performances.

Nowadays Caron is one of the leading manufacturers of Transporters.



YEAR 1960

Thanks to an idea of the founder Andrea Caron, who thought to combine a mower with a carriage, the first alpine transport vehicle was born. The animal traction used at that time was then replaced and the high altitude agriculture experienced a revolution


YEAR 1967

The first economic vehicle to be used exclusively for the transport with high loading capacities


YEAR 1970

It marks the introduction of the four-wheel drive. From a simple transport vehicle, it evolves in a tool-carrier thanks to the addition of the pto

YEAR 1975
transporter 245

Powers and loading capacities increase. Special attention to the driving comfort with the introduction of the closed and heated cab

YEAR 1979
transporter 520

The first 4x4 version with reduced dimensions and powers to be used in narrow and very steep passages  

YEAR 1982

Remarkable improvement of the driving comfort thanks to a new suspension system of the cab. Also the first water cooled engines are fitted

YEAR 1984

The first one-seat version, with compact dimensions but remarkable powers and loading capacities. The combination of reduced dimensions with articulated steering system allows the passage through the narrowest places, otherwise not accessible to traditional agricultural vehicles

YEAR 1990
transporter serieS 700

The revolution of CARON mechanical gearbox with the development of a synchronized 24-speeds gearbox, including splitter and reduced gears. The cab is completely renewed in a more spacious and comfortable cab. The vehicle is once more suitable for any type of ground and at the same time it can be used in new sectors

YEAR 1992

The mechanical gearbox of the series 700 is applied also to the new one-seat models TS/TA which are now available not only in the articulated, but also in the steering wheels version. New range of engines, wheelbases and dimensions meet the needs of further new customers 

YEAR 1994

New Series 800 for the municipal sector. The fitting of specific hydraulic plants enables the use of winter equipments

YEAR 1999
TRANSPORTER  AR/ST 200/300/500

Caron is one of the first manufacturers obtaining Global European Approval for this type of vehicles. This certification is achieved by testing the vehicles with several trials and subjecting production to regular checks from the engineers appointed by the Ministry of Transport.  All this certifies the quality of the materials used and the strict verification procedures in every phase of construction of each Caron tractor.

YEAR 1999

Opening of the new production premises in Pianezze, on an area of 13,000 sqm equipped with the latest production systems in order to meet customer needs and anticipate market trends. 

YEAR 2001
transporter serieS 900

Thanks to the development of a new advanced mechanical structure, the series 900 enters the market of the big transporters: a model with a remarkable potential at the top of the category thanks to its power and loading capacity.

YEAR 2003

Series 800 can be offered also in the version for the Austrian and Swiss markets, with the following fittings: PTO with independent hydraulic clutch, hydraulic distributors and universal chassis for the equipment 

YEAR 2004
TRANSPORTERS serieS ar/st evo

Thanks to mechanical improvements in the gearbox and axles, the Series 600 AR/ST can reach the total approved mass of 4500 kg.  

year 2009
transporter series ar/st evo3

The first articulated tractor with loading platform fitted with approved closed cab, assembled on a driving platform with suspensions to minimize vibration and improve driving comfort. Thanks to a total approved mass of 5000 kg, this new model has a great success and become a reference point for this market's segment. 


year 2012
transporter series c/ctk/ct

Caron starts an innovation process involving all the range, in particular the new design of the series C, CTK and CT will distinguish the future Caron products.

year 2014

Caron develops the new CHS suspensions system (Caron Hydropneumatic Suspension) for the new transporters CTA and CTS, with powers up to 110 hp and total approved mass of 10,000 kg.

New Common Rail engines

YEAR 2015

The fourth evolution of the AR/ST serie, the new Evo4, characterized by the previously developed new design

year 2017

The new range is available with EURO 6 engine and approved with highest speed up to 60 km/h.

year 2018
ctes with 4 wheel steering 

For the new models of the CTS series a new four wheel steering system has been developed


year 2019
approval of cat 4 cab

The pressured, category 4 approved cab for AR/ST Series assures the highest protection of the operator from harmful inhalation of dust and aerosol

year 2019
iso approvals 

Caron achieves the ISO 9001 for quality management and ISO 14001 for environmental management.

year 2019
automatic gearbox

Caron develops a completely automatic gearbox for the series CTK/CT/CTA/CTS.