Main features of CARON transporters are reliability and flexibility and so they are particularly suitable for municipalities and companies. Thanks to the universal chassis, the front fixing plate and the independent hydraulic plant, the transporter can be fitted with a lot of equipment for the winter service, construction work, road maintenance and even fire-fighting service.

winter service 

CARON offer a wide range of models for the winter service, from the most compact models, which are ideal to work through the narrow streets in the historic centres, to the more powerful ones able to open even the steepest passages. 

The wide glass surface of the cab and the driving position have been carefully studied to offer the highest comfort and visibility.  

The operator can always comfortably and safely drive and work under any conditions: the seat and the steering column are adjustable, controls and levels are placed according to the greatest ergonomics to ensure the constant and full control of vehicle and equipment.


Series CTS with V-plough 

Series C with snow plough and salt spreader 


Transporter with front mulcher

Transporter with lifting platform 

Transporter equipped with fire-fightig equipment

Transporter with arm-shredder and suction equipment 

Series AR / ST fitted with cleaning equipment for roads and sidewalks

Transporter with sweeping and suction equipment 

Transporter with arm-shredder

Transporter with water tank

Transporter with suction equipment