The several versions of CARON Transporters meet all operator's needs in terms of space, loading capacity and power. Starting from the most compact articulated version (max width of 124 cm) for example suitable for narrow roads in the historic cities centres and mules tracks, up to the biggest transporters with trailer reaching total weights of 24 tons. Every version can be customized according to operators' needs.


The hydraulic hooklift system can be replaced in a few seconds and the vehicle is ready to start another working session.

Through the controls in the cab, the operations can be quickly and easily carried out without getting off the vehicle.


CARON  transporters can be equipped with hydraulic crane. According to the operator's needs, the crane can be placed in different positions:

  • Fix position rear the cab: a permanent solution where the tipping body can be tipped on the three sides;

  • Fitted in the removable platform, in rear or central position (rear the cab). The platform with crane can be removed and the transporter can be fitted with other equipment or with the original tipping body

Transporter with hydraulic crane in central position on removable platform 

Transporter with hydraulic crane in fix position rear the cab and with front hydraulic winch 


Series AR / ST with hydraulic crane on removable chassis



The models of the Series AR are particularly suitable to work in restricted places. Thanks to a reduced turning radius and the central joint, the operator can go through the narrowest passages.

Articulated models are available in several versions, according to the different dimensions with widths from 160 to 124 cm, different engines, with protection arch or approved open or closed cab.


other solutions 

Transporter with trailer up to 14,000 Kg.

Transporter equipped with drill

Transporter with cleaning equipment 

Transporter with rear excavator

Sports centers maintenance 

Hydraulic hooklift system