Thanks to their all-terrain features, compact sizes and high loading capacities, CARON transporters can be easily and safely driven through routes that are otherwise not accessible to trucks or traditional tractors with trailers.

Thanks to their strong structure with incorporated central joint, the perfect weight balance and a low centre of gravity, they can easily move on bumpy roads or all-terrain, with agility and care for the ground. 


CARON  transporters can be equipped with forest crane. According to the operator's needs, the crane can be placed in different positions:

  • Fix position rear the cab: a permanent solution where the tipping body can be tipped on the three sides;

  • Fitted in the removable forest body, in rear or central position (rear the cab). The body with crane can be removed and the transporter can be fitted with other equipment or with the original tipping body;

  • Rear position on the chassis or on the 3-point linkage. 

Removable body with forest crane in central position (rear the cab)


Removable body with forest crane in rear position


Removable and reversible body with forest crane equipped on the series AR/ST 

rear 3-point linkage


With the removable 3-point linkage, the operator can transport and use different equipments, such as winch, woodcutting machine, forest crane and so on.


Thanks to the rear linkage with 3-point and the hydraulic outlets, operator can work with several different equipments.  


CARON is always available to customize the vehicle and find the best solution for the operator


CARON transporters have remarkable towing capacities up to 14.000 Kg.